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You would not be heard unless people listen to you, they would not listen to you unless you get their attention, and unless you say things

Cleverly, Clearly, Creatively

through the right Channels

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About Us

Established in 2001, Sanns Communications has honed our Public Relations expertise so that our client can be heard, by the right audience, in the right place and at the right time. Our activations have supported our clients in engaging their intended audience and market.

We work with our clients to develop and activate strategies that reach out to the target market, raise business profile, strengthen brand presence, build credence and business confidence, and support sales and marketing objectives.

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Our Services

Strategic Planning & Consultancy

Sanns Communications offers strategic planning and consultancy on how to maximize business performance and achieve key performance indicators.

With a strong understanding of the news value that is required to achieve media placements and support business objectives, we work with our clients to craft PR messages that resonates.

We are experts in developing creative strategies with an arsenal of PR tools, on-ground activations, and digital media tools that help our clients meet their business objectives and break away from the competition.  

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Public & Media Relations

If the business of business is about building relationships and instilling confidence in your business, products and services, then Public Relations is your essential tool in building, nurturing and sustaining these links.

PR is speaking credibly to your key audiences. We are in the business to conceptualize a resounding publicity campaign, craft your media releases and execute your campaigns with the best approach.

The competition for press coverage is intense and the editors/journalists are conduits to any market. That is why we cultivate media contacts and develop multi-level strategic media relations. We are in the field to help our clients cut through the media clutter. We work with the media on behalf of our clients to maximize the quality and quantity of their press coverage.

Digital PR

We live in a dynamic world where technology and connectivity enables an unprecedented spread of information. Consumers today are looking for information, reading up news and reviews, tuning in to influencers, connecting with brands, and making purchase decisions in the digital space. 

We increase our client’s online presence with result oriented Digital PR, from gaining press hits to conceptualising Digital PR campaigns, owning an engaging social media presence, gaining the support of social media influencers to well-defined programmatic campaign or building a purposeful website.

Our digital PR increases our client’s corporate and brand reach and visibility in the market. 

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Investor Relations

In an exclusive partnership with EquitiesTracker Holdings Berhad (ET), Sanns Communications offers IR services that help our clients reach out to the investment community.

Listed on Bursa Malaysia (Malaysian Stock Exchange) on 14 February 2019, EquitiesTracker Holdings Berhad is a leading independent equities research portal covering the equities market in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. It has been referred to as "by far the best investment site covering the Malaysian market" by Forbes.

EquitiesTracker Holdings has become the standard reference for research/data houses, retail & institutional investors, analysts and fund managers in the investment market. Thomson-Reuters, Morgan Stanley, Exchange Data International has been relying on EquitiesTracker Holdings for data supply on Malaysian Public Listed Companies since 1995. 

Event Management

Over hundreds, that is the number of events under Sanns Communications' event management portfolio. Having gone through so many and varied events, we have become experts in conceptualizing, planning and managing product launches, corporate and entertainment events, that are aligned with our client’s event objectives.

Sanns Communications has also been tasked with numerous events involving ministerial and dignitaries protocol. Clients can count on our expertise and experience to provide protocol advisory and event management.

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Image Consultancy

Sanns Communications offers image consultancy services which enables our clients to project the right corporate image and enhance the way our client’s business is viewed.

A corporate brand or image extends beyond logo, website, or even market position. The way a company’s spokesperson or employees dress and conduct themselves has an impact how the public perceive the company, an individual’s competence, professionalism, creativity, and even the potential of the business.

Sanns Communications' Image Consultancy programme on corporate attire with Principal Image Consultant, Bon Zainal, is specially developed for company executives who would like to lay the foundation to projecting a favorable corporate impression.

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Sanns Communications Sdn Bhd

Suite C-07-05

Level 7, Block C, Plaza Mont Kiara

2, Jalan Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

603-6201 9877

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